Proposal for an infill in Copenhagen at Lombardiesgade 4.

Team: Mateusz Mastalski, Ole Robin Storjohann.
Type: competition, 1.prize.
Year : 2013.
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The LIVE BETWEEN BUILDINGS project is a new way of living in the city. Infills between existing buildings that consist almost entirely of Fakro window technology enable a life hyper-close to nature and city life, while on the same time exploiting the qualities of the already existing blind walls of the city.


Global potentials


As Fakro is strengthening their global presence, the LIVE BETWEEN BUILDINGS way of living is also going global. We have pinpointed some possible building sites in cities around the world. Using the different roofwindows available from Fakro, a wide variety of housing typologies are possible, thereby reacting to the context and culture of the specific urban setting.


The future is dense


With minimal footprint and facade surface, but a maximum of living quality, the LIVE BETWEEN BUILDINGS project contributes to a denser, more sustainable city of the future. Below are various examples, showing both the range of possible typologies and the available interesting building gaps worldwide.


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