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native polish, fluent english, module 2 danish


AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhinoceros+Vray, Sketch-up, Corel Draw, hand draw, physical models


I finished my university education in 2011. I graduated form Faculty of Architecture on Silesian University of Technology. From 2006 I’ve practiced in numerous of well-known silesian architectural offices, among with KWK Promes and medusagroup. In 2009 I awarded Erasmus grant and started internship at COBE, where I worked for 1 and a half year. After that I have started another internship at MVRDV.

Since I’ve started studies I was involved in numerous of different activities. Among them are organizing of workshops, lectures, tutoring and exhibitions. I was a tutor on several workshops including Indesem12 in Delft and OSSA in Chorzow, Wroclaw, Lublin and Katowice. I also gave a numerous of lectures including META in Wroclaw, MoMA in Warsaw and on CANactions in Kiev. In 2012 I became academic teacher on Wroclaw University of Technology, where I was a part of Design of Public Buidlings Department. At the same time I had started a PhD research about socio-artistic approach in architecture, focusing on high quality and lowcosts interventions. Took on hold in 2013.

Since 2009 I am a journalist of magazine Architektura&Biznes, where I write mostly about scandinavian architecture and public spaces. Since 2014 I am also danish correspondent of A10 Magazine.

From 2011 to 2014 I was working as an architect and urban designer at COBE. From 2014 I am an architect at Henning Larsen Architects in Copenhagen.


basketball, enthusiasm, analysys, diagrams, metodology, workshops, east european modern architecture, nights with competitions, city bikes, sciene fiction books, observing city life,  precision, teamwork



1. prize in Bargework competition for a floating office in Warsaw, in team with Ole Robin Storjohann and Karolina Raczka


1. prize New Vision of Loft competition, in team with Ole Robin Storjohann

3. prize in competition Baricentrale, Bari, Italy, in team COBE;


1. prize in competition for Central Station , Arhus, Denmark, in team COBE+TRANSFORM;

finalist in competition BDA-SARP Award for the best diploma project made in Poland and Germany;


finalist in XIV Majerski competition for the best diploma project made on Faculty of Architecture in Gliwice; honourable mention in competition for ATMOTERM office building in Opole, Poland, in team with Roman Rutkowski Architects;


1. prize in competition for Norreport Central Station, Copenhagen, Denmrk, in team COBE+Public Arkitekter;


3.prize in competition for extension of church’s bells tower, Gliwice, Poland;


mentioned in VELUX competition, in team with Magdalena Zalecka;


from 2014 Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen, architect


2011-2014 COBE, Copenhagen, architect

Central Station, Arhus, Denmark; competition, 1. prize

Ordeupgaard Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark; competition

Exhibition Pavilion, Lund, Sweden; commision

CBS masterplan, Federiksberg; Denmark; competition

Culture house, Køge, Denmark; competition

Floating Sauna, Vejle, Denmark; commision

Secret Garden, Vejle, Denmark; commision

Tietgensbro, Copenhagen, Denmark; commision

Langvang Sportshøj, Randers, Denmark; competition

Gellerup parken, Aarhus, Denmark; competition

Gellerup kindergarden, Aarhus, Denmark; competition

Marienlyst, Drammen, Norway; competition

Baricentrale, Bari, Italy; competition, 3. prize


2010 – 2011 MVRDV, Rotterdam, design assistant

Guosen Tower, Shenzhen, China; competition

A101 Instant Urbanism, Moscow, Russia; competition

Block A101, Moscow, Russia; competition

masterplan for ZAC Bastide Niel, Bordeaux, France; commission

Puna Park, Puna, India; commission


2009 – 2010 COBE, Copenhagen, design assistant

Norreport Station, Copenhagen, Denmark; competition, 1. prize

Radal Center, Bergen, Norway; competition

Kolding Design City, Kolding, Denmark; commission

Masterplan for Porsgrunn, Norway; commission

DGI Sporthuset, Vejle, Denmark competition

4 Villas, Bratislava, Slovakia; competition

Office building for DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark; competition

Ballerup Bydmite, Denmark; competition

Vejle Kuben, Vejle, Denmark; commission

Handicap Huset, Taastrup, Denmark; competition

Kulturhus Nordvest, Copenhagen, Denmark, interiors

Daemningen, Vejle, Denmark; commission

Vester Voldgade, Copenhagen, Denmark; commission

Dantes Plads, commission

Villa, Vedbaek, Denmark; commission


2008 – 2009 medusagroup, Bytom, trainee

International Congress Centre, Katowice, Poland; competition

Bazantow Apartments, Katowice, Poland; graphics

Museum of Modern Art, Wrocław, Poland; competition

Widok Apartments, Katowice, Poland; commission

Roździeńskiego Offices Towers, Katowice, Poland; commission


2007 – 2008 KWK Promes, Katowice, trainee

Apartment’s interior, Wrocław, Poland; commission


2006 – 2007 Group_a, Gliwice, trainee 


from 2014

danish correspondent for A10 magazine


Faculty of Architecture on Wroclaw University of Technology academic teacher in design studio


Made by Mistake, Delft, NL;

cooperation with making physical models for MVRDV

from 2009 

journalist for magazine Architektura & Biznes


collaboration with Roman Rutkowski Architekci

Europan 9, Almere, Netherlands; competition

Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Bialystok, Poland; competition

Europan 10, Mora, Sweden; competition

Extension for Ochota Theatre, Warszawa, Poland; competition

MoMA, Opole, Poland, competition

Office building Atmoterm, Opole, Poland, competition, honourable mention

interiors for MoMA, Warsaw, Poland, competition

Office building Vantage, Wrocław, Poland, competition

Office building GLOBAL, Wroclaw, Poland, competition, 5th place


Director of Polish Association Students of Architecture OSSA


National Contact of European Assembly Students of Architecture EASA



debate “Forum of Space”, Krakow, Poland, lecturer;

workshops OSSA 14 “city acupuncture”, Katowice, Poland, tutor;

architecture festival CANactions, Kiev, Ukraine, lecturer;


workshops OSSA 13 “dimension”, Wroclaw, Poland, tutor;

workshops INDESEM 2013 – “Scale Matters”, TU Delft, Netherlands, tutor;

workshops Architecture for All 5, Wroclaw, Poland, tutor;

MeTa 25, “Simplicity of idea – coplexity of solution”, Wroclaw, lecturer;

Import/Export “Education”, MoMa, Warsaw, lecture and panel discussion;

Member of jury of competition for best diploma project at TU Wroclaw in 2012;


AMS workshops, Wrocław, Poland, DOFA 2012 tutor and lecturer;

workshops Forgotten Scapes, Wrocław, Poland, tutor;

workshops OSSA 2012 – City Negative, Lublin, tutor;


Park’s Serendipity, Katowice, Poland, lecture, tutor and main coordinator;

workshop OSSA11 “city fatamorgana”, Warsaw, advisor;


presentation of COBE’s works on Faculty of Architecture in Silesian University of Technology;


workshops OSSA 08 „City Pattern”, Kraków, Poland, advisor;

disscutant on Archfilmfest, Katowice,  organizer: Sztuka-Architektury


“today you can’t get bored”, disscussion with Andreas Wolf (Harvard University), Roman Rutkowski and Łukasz Wojciechowski (Rewritable Research Team);

International Conference ULAR, organizer: Faculty of Architecture in Silesian University of Technology;

EASA 07 “City Index”, Elefsina, Greece, participant;

11th PlanetWAWA Congress, participant;

“Feeling towards architecture”, Katowice, Poland, main coordinator and initiator

“Image a Castle!” , Ogrodzieniec, PL, tutor on workshops for pupils of Primary School in Zabrze;

OSSA 2007 “Silesia – megapolis?”, Gliwice, main coordinator and initiator, main guests included : Klaas van der Molen (NL), Hiroki Matsuura (JP), ecosistema urbano (ES);


OSSA 06 „How to promote architecture?”, Gdynia, Poland, participant;


OSSA 05 „How to study architecture?”, Wrocław, Poland, participant.


All drawings and pictures are copyright and can not be reproduced.

Owners of those materials is Mateusz Mastalski and where mentioned RR-A, MVRDV, COBE, Rasmus Hjortshøj and medusagroup architects.